Harnessing the agro-value chain potential

Transforming Agro Businesses to a more sustainable Economic Venture.

Farm Chique is an agro allied social enterprise focused on the agriculture value chain through relationship with farmers in rural communities, facilitating the farming and processing activities, alongside intervention programs which seek to contribute towards tackling hunger, empowering women and youths, bridging gender inequality gaps in the agricultural sector particularly the spice sub sector, while incorporating deliberate actions towards positively affecting the overall carbon foot print of the earth through sustainable agricultural practice and advocacy.


Our Company

Farm Chique was founded in 2014 and fully registered as a cooperate entity in 2017 and 2019 as a Social Enterprise Limited by Guaranty. Farm Chique Global has constantly evolved towards boosting agricultural activities and support amongst women and youth farming groups and communities in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To engage communities, especially women and youth farmers with technical and technological supports including relevant research as well as extension services to enable them live in food security, and to have control over their incomes with unbiased access to resources which is used in a sustainable manner.

A world where food is nutritive and accessible for everyone, in which natural resources are managed in a way that maintains ecosystem functions which support present and future human needs.

Core Values

Passion for work. Integrity. Empathy. Team Work and Collaboration.

Thematic Areas

Women and Youths in Agriculture: Secure access to land and water resources,
especially for women farmers. Localize the application of agronomic
knowledge, pest identification and meteorological information.

Social Inclusion: Gender inclusivity

Economic Empowerment: Provide risk management tools to support farmers
in managing weather and market variations

Climate Action/ Renewable Technology Solutions: Mainstream & co-ordinate funding & activities
for climate change and agricultural programs, in ways which
address grassroots needs and reach all levels of farming. Facilitate the use of modern varieties which are resistant to pests and
diseases and decreasing the need for tilling. Invest in bioenergy to achieve
energy security and rural development through sustainable local production.

Agritech solutions: Facilitate & harness the potential inherent in tech for more efficient agriculture production.

  • To increase the engagement of women and youths in periodic training, sensitization on sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Establish self-running cluster farm systems across various communities in Nigeria
  • Empowerment programs through partnerships and support
  • Climate Change and Renewable Energy Agricultural Solutions
  • Technology ‘Agritech’ solutions


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